Modular solator IN-ROOF system

Use your roof to generate energy with the power of the sun. 

Traditional roof claddings are replaced with collectors. Not only do the modules provide a sustainable, thick roof cladding, but they also utilize the power of the sun to generate energy.

The compact design of the collectors (PV,THERM an PV+THERM) and the invisible
installation system allow for a visually attractive integration.



Two types of collectors

Solator PV (electric energy)
Solator PV+THERM (electric and thermal energy)


Use the sun twice!

The Solator PV+THERM uses the power of the sun to generate electricity an warm water from one module. This means that the panel space is used twice.


residential complex in CH-St. Gallen with solator® PV+THERM

For a residental complex with 28 units in Switzerland, St. Gallen, Kräzernstrasse, a solator PV+THERM system has been put into service.

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